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Fight With Grace was born when two friends, one in chemo fighting breast cancer and the other, the Thursday driver and hand holder, decided to join the fight against breast cancer.  They brainstormed,  recruited their friends and family, called in favors and Fight With Grace was born. The name came from fighting with true GRACE against an aggressive enemy and the idea for the lady in the hat logo came from a greeting card.

The first luncheon in 2006 was a rousing success with over 200 women in attendance at the Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa.   A beautiful lunch, complimentary champagne reception, a quirky silent auction and a live auction brought in over $50,000.00.  And it goes on.

The luncheon has become a fun reunion for friends to get together, have a lovely lunch, and get a new purse all the while making a difference in the war on breast cancer.

The “Old Bag” silent auction was the brainchild of  a friend in New York City who happened to be the director of marketing at Madison Square Garden.  The silent auction is collection of purses, old, new, and previously owned by celebrities.  Over the years we have had Louis Vitton, Gucci, Prada and  Mary Francis bags.  We have sold bags given to us by Barbara Mandrell, Barbara Sinatra, Pia Zadora, Suzanne Sommers and many more.  There have been cigar box purses, snakeskin bags and bags made from seatbelts.  You want it, I bet we have it!!

Our live auction has also been a great success.  Tickets to Dancing With the Stars, Jay Leno audience passes, field passes and tickets to Los Angeles Rams games, a day at Del Mar in a box seat and much more.  You never know what treasure you will find.

Please join us this year and you will find a fun day filled with friends joining together, pledging their time and their money to defeat breast cancer.  We have all had a friend or family member that has faced this terrible disease.  The technology is getting better all the time and the treatment has come a long way, but there is still more to do.  We don’t want to loose one more fabulous woman.